All in our Backyard

Today Jade was at the shop working on the next spud planter that will soon go out in the field, so Stetson and I jumped on the gator to go visit and take him a ham sandwich!

En route to the shop, we visited Belle, Ginger, Daisy, & Lottie, grandma Taush’s new baby chicks. Stetson was more fascinated by the hanging heat lamp than the cute fuzzy chicks, but it was fun nonetheless.

We also stopped by the horses and threw them a bit of hay. Our 1 year old colt is the friendliest and Stetson loves to stare at their big noses while they get so close! Riding around in the Gator with dads too-big Carhartt beanie and wrapped in an old blanket, we were laughing and squinting feeling the sun and breeze in our faces.This is our crazy awesome dog Spur, who loves to hop on the flatbed and go anywhere with Jade. (I also love it because it keeps him from getting into trouble on the back porch.😉) Spur rides on the tractor when he gets tired of chasing it round and round in the fields.

I’m so glad we have this fun, adventure-filled life to live all right here in our back yard. 💚


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